Mark Webb - Relationship Expert and Author"I Want To Help You Build A Great Relationship With A System That Delivers An Amazing Level Of Satisfaction  Day After Day, Week After Week, Month After Month....

I Know What Your Partner Needs From You And I Know How To Explain It In A Simple Manner. 

I Have A System That Gets Results That Last."

Mark Webb

by Mark Webb Licensed Marriage Therapist Best Selling Relationship Expert
If you want to find a way to become irresistible to your partner and have a consistent flow of love and respect week after week, year after year....this could be the most important letter you read this year.  Here's why:

You're about to learn how to create the kind of relationship that most people only dream about!

This is different from anything you've ever seen before.  Keep reading and I'll give you some of my strategies that will blow your partner's doors off. You're going to learn every step and you'll have all of the steps explained in a practical and easy to understand method. But first let me tell you what the simple but powerful secret is: Great relationships do not just happen. They are the result of bold decisions. It took me years to realize why some relationships succeed while others fail. Individual after individual said the same thing: " I don't know why she left me. I was a good husband." And : " I don't know why he left me for another woman. I was a good wife." Eventually I realized that the difference was in the label. Good only gets poor results and poor results are not enough to carry a relationship, let alone make it satisfying. You have to decide to be Great because a great partner will do many things that a good partner will not. By making this distinction you will set a better course for yourself and thus you will get the kind of relationship that you have always dreamed of.

 This Breakthrough Relationship System Will Increase The Satisfaction Of Any Couple - Yes, Even Yours (And Yes, Even If  You Are  Currently Separated) !

It all started when I was completing my graduate studies in Marriage and Family Therapy. I remember standing outside the office of a senior therapist and hearing a loud argument.

The situation was intense and on the verge of being out of control. I was anxious just hearing the argument. I remember thinking, "Why am I doing this?" "Do I really want to spend my days hearing a bunch of arguments?" That's when I began looking for a better way. One that would be positive and productive.  A way that would strengthen a couple's sense of connection instead of the couple leaving the office wishing they had come in separate cars. Therapy if not done properly tends to encourage conflict. If you're like most people you will  follow the common advice that communication is key. Communication is important but the wrong approach can destroy trust and respect. Trying to fix a damaged relationship can seem overwhelming. There are so many approaches. How can you be sure of which one to take? After all, the book stores are full of manuals by what seems like an endless list of experts. Some of their advice can get very complicated and may not be practical in real-life situations.

 I Have Spent Years Trying To Solve This Problem -  So You Don't Have To

 When I began working as a marriage therapist I tried to use the techniques taught in school.  I didn't like many of them and didn't find them helpful in my own marriage.  Most of the techniques make the assumption that the couples are positive, healthy people who have the restraint needed to apply the baton method of  "You talk first and I'll listen, then we'll switch after two minutes". These techniques set couples up to fail!  When feelings are hurt and frustration takes over, your partner will want to hit you with that baton.  Active listening and fair fighting skills don't work for couples that have a strong chemistry and passion between them.  These couples tend to feel things much deeper.  This means their love and their hurt/anger are usually more intense. The good news for you is: I've saved you all the trial-and-error.  I know what works and what doesn't. 

I've refined my strategies to their simplest level.  Anyone can apply my approach.  It works every time but you have to be serious.

I Didn't Just Discover A Few Answers - I "Cracked The Code" To Building A Great Relationship!

Mark Webb knows how to help you and your relationship better than anyone else I know."Shila Patel, M.D., Psychiatrist

"Mark has a unique ability to connect with people and get them motivated about working on their relationship." Amy Wells, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Mark Webb has a fresh approach in teaching people how to be their best selves." Tracy Woske Corbett, Licensed Clinical Social W0rker

Do I have your attention yet?

This Is The System I Used To Make My Own Marriage A Great Marriage.

Imagine...having your partner look at you with total love and respect. Imagine...having a relationship that makes you feel supported, respected, certain and close to each other (even in times of disagreement). Imagine...more laughter and playfulness.

Is it possible? You bet it is. I'm living proof. And so are my clients who have followed my system. And you can do it too - even if you're clueless or overwhelmed as to where to start. For years I have been teaching people exactly what to do.

People seek me out for relationship strategies to correct their relationship problems. My system can help you if one of you has narcissistic traits and teaches you how to walk away from your selfish and self centered ways.

My techniques can help you overcome insecurities and jealousy. My approach can teach you how to prevent a breakup or to get another chance.

My System will Revolutionize Your Relationship, Increase Your Skills As A Partner And Finally Allow You To Live The Life You've Dreamed Of All Along.

Chances are you've heard of other approaches to relationship development. Maybe you've bought books or listened to audio programs. Maybe you think you've heard it all before.A lot of people get bogged down in other relationship systems because of theoretical explanationsand advice that doesn't take into account your partner's unique personality.Relationship books either do a good job of defining the aspects of a troubled couple or they giveadvice that sounds good but doesn't really work.This leads to a sense of hopelessness that you are doomed to never work things out.That's where I come into the picture.

I'll Teach You So Many Techniques That If One Doesn't Seem To Fit, You Will Have Several Others To Choose From.

"Mark's approach to relationships works. I thought my husband was unfixable. I had given up all hope that he'd ever change. Mark has been able to teach him the needs of my heart and how to completely meet these needs. My husband has been consistent in his actions and my hope has been restored."S. Warner, Valdosta, Georgia

"Mark knows how to give you several choices on how to accomplish the outcome you want to achieve."  P. Stevens, Athens, Georgia

"He is good at explaining women to men in terms that they can understand." R. Gibson, Tampa,Florida

And yet more...

"Mark gives you another way of looking at your partner's behavior." T. Taylor, Madison, Wisconsin

"Hekept us focused on reconnecting as a couple."  B. Kagle, Jackson, Mississippi

"He doesn't dwell on the problem." "He focuses on answers."  T. Abel, Akron, Ohio

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Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Relationship To A New Dimension.

I'm going to tell you exactly what you are going to get in this system in a minute but first let me teach you some of my concepts that set the stage for a Transformation to Greatness.

Carry The Cans My philosophy of the role for the man in a relationship can be summarized by this concept of carrying the cans. It goes like this; suppose your woman goes grocery shopping and returns with a carload of groceries. You go outside to help her bring them in. There are bags with heavy cans and bags with chips and bread. Which bags do you grab? The answer for men is the bags with the cans of course!!

Men who know the answer to this question can turn their relationship towards a path of greatness. I teach men how to carry the cans spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. A whole chapter is dedicated to this philosophy.

The 80/20 Rule

Breakthroughs will be yours when you learn how to apply The 80/20 Rule. I love this technique and have seen it transform many couples.

Here's how it works:

As long as your partner is doing good at least 80% of the time, let 20% slide.  For instance,

let's suppose that you and your partner have had a pretty good week.  And then your partner

either says or does something that upsets you. 

Instead of getting upset or withdrawing, you stop and evaluate the past week.  Even though you don't like what they said or did, you think about how the past week went. If, overall, the week has gone well, you let their behavior slide.

You don't pout, you don't lash out and you don't unplug.  You let it slide and don't draw

any attention to their behavior.  You won't even let them know that you didn't like their behavior. 

If you can learn not to call your partner on every little thing, they will actually start doing

better in the 90th percentiles.

This technique helps couples get away from the feelings of hurt, aggravation and frustration that keep them from finding a fresh start.  This technique is covered in Chapter 4. Chapter 8 addresses:  The Most Important Lesson All Men Must Understand About Their Woman. In this section I teach men how to meet The 2 Biggest Needs Of A Woman. I'll summarize them here: 1) She needs to know with certainty that she is special to you. So special that she knows in her heart of hearts that she is protected, desired, and safe. 2) She needs to know with certainty that you are here for her no matter what. That is the  problem if you threaten divorce. It gives her the opposite message. The same is true if you get angry or you withdraw.  

I Won't Just Give You Theory - And I Won't Hold Back Any Secrets.

You'll get all my best information on:

  • How to become such an amazing listener that your partner feels like the most special and understood person in the world.
  • How to finally understand what your partner needs at such a deep level that they'll feel like you are reading their mind.
  • How to transform yourself from a "just tolerates" partner that your partner just tolerates to a Great One that your partner adores.
  • How to handle and conquer disagreements in such a way that makes you and your partner feel even closer.
  • How to light the passion between you ...even if you thought you already had passion before.
  • How to create a ever growing strength in your relationship by focusing on your partner's positive qualities.  This technique holds up even if you have a conflict between you.
  • The most important lesson all men must understand about how to meet the 2 biggest needs of your woman's heart.
  • The biggest secret for developing an unwavering focus towards the growth and commitment of your relationship.
  • How to stop using the same old methods that everyone else has been using when it comes to determining what is fair in your relationship.  This simple but powerful adjustment will create a miracle transformation for your relationship.
  • The one crucial element that will teach you how to do the right thing instead of wasting your time by trying to be right.
  • How to finally free yourself from destructive relationship patterns and learn the joys of living in a Partner Focused Relationship.
  • The ultimate secret for increasing your sense of connection with your partner.
  • Discover how to focus on what counts the most when it comes to your partner's needs and the needs of your relationship.
  • The big time mistake of trying to get in the last word.  This bad habit will kill a relationship every time.  I'll teach you how to put an end to this mess once and for all.
  • The secret of how to make a total commitment to your partner to such a degree that your partner will be able to rest in the safety of your future together.
  • How to build your man into an invincible champion by learning how to effectively meet his needs. Most men don't know how to explain these needs so it sets the man up to feel like he will never be enough. I'll explain his needs in such a simple manner that you will be guaranteed success.
  • A proven and totally practical system for learning how to handle your partner's double standards without going crazy. You will never have to worry about double standards again.
  • How to avoid the danger of involving too many people in your relationship problems. How to stop this avalanche of bad advice and hard feelings.
  • How to hear your partner's hidden messages before they even know what they were actually thinking. This mind-altering technique will teach you how to anticipate your partner's needs and avoid the trap of misreading the needs of their heart. This will end most of your arguments.
  • How to stop overreacting. This incredible secret will make your partner want to be more open with you instead of holding back.
  • You will discover the fastest way for you to respect what is most important to your partner. This powerhouse technique will get you everything you've ever desired in a relationship.

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Can It Really Be This Easy?

I know how to explain relationship strategies in an easy to understand manner. My techniques are practical and get results fast. My approaches work even if only one person is trying. One person can turn a relationship around. I see it happen all of the time.


If my techniques do not transform you into a great partner I insist that you return the program for a full refund.

If you are unhappy for any reason you have the right to send it back.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!


How Much Is The "How To Be A Great Partner" System Worth?

First of all, how are you doing with your own approach? Personally, I've had thousand dollar arguments. By this, I mean I've had arguments that I would have paid a thousand dollars to have prevented. How much would you have paid to have prevented your last argument?

Do you really respect yourself as a partner? Does your partner respect you? Are you feeling doubtful about your relationship's future? If so, are you willing to risk waking up without your partner in your life?

Perhaps you have a pretty good relationship but you're looking to make it better. Instead of continuing with the trial-and-error method like most people do, save yourself all of the pain and heartache.

With the How To Be A Great Partner System, you get:

A 250 page manual that clearly explains all of the techniques you need to transform yourself into a Great Partner and your relationship in a Great Relationship. It would take you many months of therapy and thousands of dollars to learn what this manual will teach you.

That is, provided the therapist isn't using one of the approaches that promotes arguing, bringing up the past, impractical communication skills, etc. I've titled this manual, How To Be A Great Partner.

So you're probably thinking, okay this must be expensive.

Right? Actually not.

I'll tell you how ridiculously low a price I've decided to charge for the "HOW TO BE A GREAT PARTNER" System in just a moment. But first I'm throwing in some Free Special Bonus Gifts that you are really going to love.

Free Special Bonus Gift # 1 : ($27 Value)

This report will tell you the 12 most common relationship killing mistakes that men and women do when their partner has left them. If you make any of these mistakes you are sealing the coffin shut on your relationship.

Free Special Bonus Gift # 2 : ($17 Value)

This report tells you the 5 crucial points to consider when you are wondering whether you should give your partner another chance. Failure to consider these points could lead to a repeat of the same old frustration and hurt.

If you are on the flip side of this dilema, you will want to know what they are looking for when they ask, "Should I Give Them Another Chance?"

Free Special Bonus Gift # 3 : ($17 Value)

This report focuses on the 8 essential elements needed to discipline yourself from letting your anger get the best of you and the one you love. Anger never justifies hurting someone else's feelings. Learn the principles needed to stop killing the love your partner has for you.

Free Special Bonus Gift # 4 : ($97 Value)

Subscription to Mark Webb's highly informative newsletter, "RELATIONSHIP STRATEGIES". This bonus will keep you up to date on all the insider relationship strategies available.

Free Special Bonus Gift # 5 : ($97 Value)

You will also be granted access to Mark Webb's vault of free articles and reports.

Based on the value you will get from "HOW TO BE A GREAT PARTNER" : A Rapid and Revolutionary Program For Building A Great Relationship, I am comfortable setting the price at $97.00.

But since I want you to experience the feeling you will have once you've made the transformation.

I am going to make it easily available for only  $47.00.

However, as an introductory price your investment is only $24.95. You have nothing to lose because of my personal guarantee below!


Remember, You Don't Risk A Single Penny with my 90 Day 100% Personal Money-Back Guarantee.

You Owe It To Yourself and Your Relationship Future To Get This Program


You can make the right decision by deciding to invest in yourself and your relationship future or stay where you are and be stuck wondering why you are alone or why your relationship is falling apart. There is no reason to wait! Make your relationship a great relationship today! You will discover how right now!


To Your Success,

 Mark Webb

Mark Webb, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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